I have always loved honey, and have tried many brands over the years – from the supermarkets and from local farm shops.  I shall never try any more brands now that I have found the perfect one for me.  It is Nature’s Raw Honey by Anton C. – which I have bought from him for the last 3 years.  It has a sumptuous heavenly flavour, and because it is raw and completely unpasteurised, I know that I am eating a product that is full of natural nutritional goodness, vitamins and minerals.  In my opinion, the quality and flavour of this honey cannot be surpassed.  As a bonus, Anton C.’s honey is reasonably priced, and he sells it to his customers along with a very personal touch.        (Angela King from Woodley)

I have been using honey from Anton for a number of years now. I suffer from hay fever and a friend suggested that I try taking local honey to help reduce my symptoms. Not only do I find it helps, I also really love the taste of the honey. Anton’s honey is the only one that my husband likes, as he says that it tastes different to other honeys that you can buy in a supermarket. The honey has a lovely distinctive natural blossomy flavour. I also like the fact that the honey is not processed and therefore its natural beneficial properties are not lost. Anton is very knowledgeable about the honey that he produces and I would highly recommend his honey. Angela, Maidenhead.

Hi Anton.. Thought I’d leave this for you…. Having used and purchased several jars of your honey, I have to say that the taste and texture is like nothing I have had before. I feel more energetic and I cannot go back to shop bought honey. Please continue your good work. Thanks RJ, Slough.