I am truly passionate about producing real raw honey as nature intended it.

I grew up around organic food production and bee keeping.  I saw my grandfather, my neighbours and relatives, that had very little material things yet they enjoyed very healthy lives, with very few visits to the doctor and many of them lived well into their 80s and 90s. 

Why we have so many health issues in the 21st century where medicine and science has hugely advanced; yet we are seeing unprecedented number of health issues and steady increase of consumption of drugs, which is detrimental to us and our environment in a long run.

 I can put it down to one thing; what we eat and the environment that we live in.  

All the various additives that are in our foods to improve their looks and flavour are not good for us in a long run. Today we live in highly polluted world that cannot be good for us.  The alternative is to go back to basics when it comes to food we consume daily.   

My dream has always been to have my own bee hives and raw unprocessed honey. So I could share it with everyone to benefit from it’s natural healing properties as it has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years as an alternative food, supplement and medicine.  

I saw my dad controlling his stomach ulcer for over 40 year by consuming raw unprocessed honey to reduce excess acidity. In 2011, I started bee keeping and ever since I enjoy working with honey bees as they are so crucial for pollination, food production and bio diversity.